Food Ordering System in C Programming with Source Code

A mini project based on Food Ordering System which uses C Programming Language. This mini c programming project contains all the required and essential features which can be in use for the first-year IT students as their college projects for C Programming. It has numbers of menu items onto it where the user can select and proceed for their total payment stuffs.

Moving on, this mini c programming project focuses on food orderings and their particular bill calculations depending upon their quantities. All the controls fall upon the keyboard keys with help of alphabetical and numerical as the system will instruct you to enter an alphabet or numerical as you proceed further into the system application. Presenting a new simple project containing large numbers of menu data and different prices of each for bill calculations, yet a knowledgeable one for learning purposes. The users can change the features of this Mini food ordering system project as per their needs and requirements.

Available Features:

  • Different Menu Lists.
  • Container Numbers of Items according to menu set.
  • Total bill calculations according to quantity ordered by the customers.
  • Add food items.
  • Display custom food items.
  • Remove custom food items.
Project Name:Food Ordering System
Language/s Used:C Programming
IDE (Recommended):Dev-C++
Database:Stores data in .DAT file
Type:Desktop Application
Developer:Pallab Barman
Food Ordering System in C Programming – Project Information

Working Project Demo

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Note: Only for Educational Purpose


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