Theatre Seat Reservation System in C Programming with Source Code

A mini project based on Theatre Seat Reservation which uses C Programming Language. This mini c programming project contains small and limited features which can be in use for the first-year IT students as their college projects for C Programming.

Presenting a simple theatre seat reservation system project in c programming, a basic yet knowledgeable project for learning purposes. Theatre Seat Reservation Mini Project can be modified as per needs and requirements.

Available Features:
1. The user can reserve seats.
2. After reservations, he/she can proceed with canceling the seat reservations.
3. The system displays the total available seats.
4. Display total reservation records.

The user cannot set numbers of movies in this mini c programming project. It shows the results for a single movie.

Project Name:Theatre Seat Reservation System
Used Language/s:C Programming
IDE (Recommended):Dev-C++
Database:None; Uses .txt file for records
Type:Desktop Application
Theatre Seat Reservation System in C Programming – Project Information

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Note: Only for Educational Purpose

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