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Hey there, welcome to CodeAstro – “Home for all free source codes”. Our motive is to distribute and help all the developers around the world with their own respective languages by helping them with guides, free and complete source codes (as much as possible) for educational purposes (only). We do not intend to provide these source codes for production use or commercial in the real world, but only for educational and research purposes. Here, you can find all working free PHP projects with source code, working demo, and in other available languages too.

What Do We Offer?

We offer you various projects under different programming languages such as C Programming Projects, C++ Programming Projects, PHP Projects, CodeIgniter Projects, Reactjs Projects, Nodejs Projects, Python Projects, C# Programming Projects and we are planning to expand our project categories furthermore in the upcoming days. Currently, we have altogether 40+ free source codes and around 100+ PHP Projects for developers around. You can simply head over to the respective project page and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the download button to start downloading our Free Projects for your own learning. Download Free Open Source Code Projects on PHP, C/C++ Programming, Python, Reactjs, Nodejs with CodeAstro.

Being under the same IT sector, we can understand the needs and requirements of all the developers around, so we decided to share high-quality free source code to make things much easier. Point to be noted: All the shared projects from our website are not owned by us. We clearly state the developer’s name under the post’s description and readme files. We ourselves being web developers, focuses more on web-related projects rather than mobile applications, but we’ll try our best to focus on other sides too as it may help other developers directly or indirectly.

In today’s time, there are other similar websites providing similar project materials, but here we try to provide new, and quality source code materials, and in addition to it we’ll also help you to solve your problems related to those projects as much as possible. We might also take hours to reply back in some conditions.

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