POS System in PHP Laravel with Source Code

A fully functional project based on a POS System that uses PHP Language with Laravel Web Framework. The following Laravel project contains all the essential features that can be used by final-year IT students for their college projects. It has a number of features that will allow users to manage all the transactions. This system as well as the web application’s concept is all clear. It’s identical to real-world scenarios and well-implemented on it. To download a free POS system project in Laravel with source code files, please scroll down to the bottom of this post for the Download button.

About Point of Sale POS System PHP Project

In particular, this PHP Laravel-based Point of Sale (POS) system places transaction record-keeping at the forefront of its capabilities, making it an indispensable tool for businesses. This all-encompassing solution effortlessly manages products, sales, and customer interactions. To be more precise, the system helps to keep track of all the products along with their sales and so on(codeastro.com). The system’s admin panel provides complete control over product details, from names to images, enabling a seamless user experience. Notably, the system’s focus on a narrow target audience sets it apart, emphasizing essential features over complex integrations, a refreshing alternative to the market’s broad-spectrum offerings. In an overview of this web application, this project utilizes all the necessary aspects and outlines the features of the POS system.

Admin Panel

An administrator has full control over the system. He/she can manage all the products, members, suppliers, and more. Here, each and every section has its own respective details such as name, image, and other important details (codeastro.com). Just before anything else, this POS system project in Laravel does not have self-registration features for any users. Before moving further into the system, the admin has to first manage the categories and products. For this, the user has to provide a number of details. Such as name, category selection, purchase price, selling price, discount, and stock. After the management of products, each product holds its unique bar code. The administrator can simply select a number of products and generate their bar code in PDF format.

Member Management and System Settings

The system extends its capabilities to manage customer/member details, a crucial component of smooth point-of-sale operations. Names, email addresses, contact numbers, and addresses all contribute to maintaining transaction flow. The presence of customer records proves mandatory for transaction processing, as each sale necessitates a linked customer account. Here, each member will hold their own number which is a kind of membership number(codeastro.com). This membership number is shared all across the system, even during the sales as it plays an important role in connecting. Additionally, administrators can fine-tune system settings, adjusting the application name, logo, invoice preferences, and discount.

Supplier Management

Each and every business has its own importance in relationships with its suppliers, which is why our system includes comprehensive supplier management. The administrator can store crucial supplier information, such as supplier names, addresses, contact numbers, and additional details. This feature ensures that the system user has all the necessary information for efficient procurement and supplier management(codeastro.com). It is a mandatory thing to have records under the supplier section. So that the user can manage their purchase later on. In fact, the purchase section and supplier details are interlinked with each other, as the details are shared across. The supplier section does not hold any specific product details. In fact, it’s the opposite, as suppliers can be assigned to any product later on purchase.

Expense Management

Transparent financial management is essential for any business. This POS system project simplifies expense tracking by requiring only a few key details. Speaking of a few key details refer to the description and amount. This feature ensures that the user can easily monitor and control expenses, maintaining financial stability. Even though the process of managing expenses is pretty simple, it plays a huge part. And that too in showing the revenue collected from the system(codeastro.com). It is kind of mandatory to list out all the expenses for the system. The system retrieves the expense details, calculates them, and presents the remaining revenue to the system administrator. This way the administrator can have a quick detailed view of this POS System.

Purchase Management

In order to streamline the purchase processes, this POS system project in PHP Laravel integrates supplier details directly into the purchase management workflow. As mentioned earlier in the supplier section, this section to totally linked with the one. This feature ensures that the user can smoothly handle product acquisitions. Additionally, the admin can add discount information to reflect any special arrangements with suppliers, optimizing purchase strategy(codeastro.com). When setting up purchase details, the user needs to first select any one of the suppliers. And then select the product. After all this, the system user can settle down purchase details such as total quantity, price, and discount. Both the purchase and expense management section plays an important part in overall revenue.

Sales Management

One of the main important features of this whole POS system is related to sales management. This section offers a comprehensive sales management module. It captures detailed information regarding each sale, including the sale date, amount, quantity, purchaser details, cashier’s name, and the transaction date and time(codeastro.com). This level of granularity ensures that you have full visibility into the sales operations. Administrators can view a list of sales, delete it, and view full details of it. The records are present here only after creating a new sale transaction which will be discussed below. The administrator can simply delete the unwanted sales information from the system without causing any trouble. On top of that, the admin user can view their overall sales numbers from their dashboard as well.

Sales Transaction

Creating new sales transactions has never been easier. This POS system project’s user-friendly interface allows users to add products to the cart with ease. While adding the products for transactions, the admin should also include members by selecting anyone from the list. In addition to that, each product comes with its own discount percentage, still the system applies certain discounts depending upon the system’s setting. On top of that, the system also converts the payable amount into words in real-time. And also displays the returning amount as soon as the user enters the paid amount(codeastro.com). Moreover, this POS system offers the functionality to generate invoices in both small and large PDF formats, enhancing professionalism and convenience. Here, a small invoice contains little but important transaction details, whereas a big invoice lists all the details of the transaction in PDF format.

Income Report and Financial Insights

This POS system provides the system user with a robust income reporting feature that also allows them to filter data based on specific dates. This means the user can view default dates selected by the system which usually is a monthly report(codeastro.com). The user can also change specific dates by providing the starting and ending dates. This section calculates total sales, expenses, and purchases, providing with real-time insights into the revenue figures through detailed tables. All the sections mentioned above relate and connect to this point. The system administrator can look into the details of total expenses with purchases and sales through the POS system. At last, a system generates a certain amount as their total income.

User Management and Dashboard Insights

Administrators can easily manage system users. Speaking of managing system users does not include adding more system administrators. It refers to assigning them the role of ‘Cashier.’ Talking about the role of the Cashier, this role-based approach ensures that each user has access only to the functionalities they need. In this case, the cashier can only have access to their profile and maintain sales transactions. This also enhances security and operational efficiency(codeastro.com). On the other hand, the administrator dashboard offers a dynamic graphical representation of overall sales for each day. Along with that, it also contains the overall numbers of each important section. This visual data empowers users to make informed decisions and track performance effortlessly.

Cashier Role/Employee Panel

For cashier role users, this Point-of-sale system offers a dedicated dashboard designed exclusively for making sales transactions. The procedures are all the same in terms of adding sales transactions with all those members, items, discounts, and all. The only thing is that the cashier role users won’t be able to update or delete a sales transaction once it is completed. The administrator only oversees the management part of it. This streamlined interface ensures that cashiers can contribute to the system efficiently without unnecessary distractions.

This PHP Laravel POS System is a go-to solution for comprehensive and efficient point-of-sale management. It empowers users with all the tools needed to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and boost profitability. Last but not least, a clean and simple dashboard is presented with various color combinations for a greater user experience while using this online POS System Project in PHP. For its UI elements, a free open-source CSS framework; Bootstrap is on board. Presenting a new POS System Project in PHP Laravel which includes an employee panel with an admin panel. That too contains all the essential features to follow up and is a knowledgeable resource for learning purposes.

Available Features:

  • Employee Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Product Management
  • Product Category Management
  • Member Management
  • System Settings
  • Supplier Management
  • Expense Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Sales Transaction
  • In-built discount functions
  • Generate Invoices
  • Print product barcode
  • Print membership card
  • Income Report
  • User Management
Project Name:Point of Sale System in PHP Laravel
Technologies Used:PHP with Laravel Web Framework
Type:Web Application
POS System PHP Laravel Project Overview

Instructions: How to Run?

  • After you finish downloading the project, unzip the project file.
  • Open the project folder, check for the env file, and update the database credentials.
  • Create a MySQL database with the name provided inside the env file.
  • Then, open the project in the Terminal or Command Prompt.
  • Install the composer dependencies: composer install
  • Now migrate the tables: php artisan migrate
  • Run seeder: php artisan db:seed
  • Then generate the key: php artisan key:generate
  • And finally, run the project: php artisan serve
  • It will start the application and give you a URL.
  • At last, open the URL in your favorite browser; we recommend using Google Chrome.
  • All the login details are provided inside the project folder[text files], check that out and enter them in order to use it.

And there you have it, a full setup of the Point of Sale System Project in PHP Laravel. First, make sure you have Composer installed on your machine. For Laravel projects, PHP Version 7 or more is required because the composer does not operate with the old PHP version. As a result, you’ll need to manage your PHP version (only if you’re using the old version) at the moment. Also, Download the Free POS System in Laravel Source Code – codeastro.com. So, this point of sale POS system Laravel project is a full project for all beginner levels that broads vast knowledge into such PHP web applications. In conclusion, this whole Laravel project with free source code is an absolute project and a meaningful way for users to learn and explore more about it.

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    Warning: chr() expects parameter 1 to be int, string given in C:\xampp\htdocs\POS-PHP\extensions\tcpdf\include\tcpdf_fonts.php on line 1506
    TCPDF ERROR: Some data has already been output, can’t send PDF file

      1. I thank you very much indeed for sharing this priceless project. Could you tell me the password to extract the zip file, please?

  2. thank you very much
    I want this project for educational purposes and I want It for my final project in computer science, I see purchase and Sell are corresponding, purchase must be Items you bought from supplier and , sell must be items bought by Member from you , if AM NOT WRONG, i Can be wrong , so Bro
    please do u have tutorial videos for this project and its book , OR do you have any other projects built with laravel or flutter that has tutorials and Books to defend with final project , THANK YOU I appreciate you alot , I will help program family just like you help us 😊

  3. Hello Admin, thanks for the let of, very inspirational. just that, the total says is not summing up on the dashboard for an eagle-eye view. your response will help enormously.

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