Ecommerce Site in PHP with Source Code

A project-based on Online Ecommerce Site which uses PHP Language. Following PHP project contains all the required and essential features which can be in use for the first-year, second-year IT, final-year IT students for their college projects. It has a number of features that will allow all the users to interact in a way that most another eCommerce website such as amazon, daraz, eBay interacts with their customers in terms of dealing with products, categories, orders, and others. This website as well as the web application’s concept is all clear, the same as real-life scenarios, and well implemented. To download free eCommerce site in PHP with source code files, please scroll down to the bottom of this post for the Download button.

About Project

Moving on, this eCommerce site project, eCommerce web app project in PHP focuses mainly on dealing with customers regarding their shopping hours and cart items. Also, it displays all the available products on the right side whereas categories are shown on the left. The project is divided into two categories: Customer Login and Admin Login. In an overview of this web app, the admin has full control of the site. Talking about the project, a customer can simply log in or register their accounts. He/she can view available products and add products to their cart with a certain quantity. After all, the customer can proceed with the payment process.

Similarly, the admin plays the main role in implementing the system. Admin has the right to view all orders, manage product lists, their categories with brand names, and view total customers with their details. In order to add a product, an admin must provide a suitable product name by selecting a brand name, category and should enter a description, quantity, amount, and product image too. Last but not the least, an admin can check the order status of the customer with their respective product names and trx id. For its UI elements, a free open-source CSS framework; Bootstrap is on board. Presenting a new eCommerce website project in PHP which includes an admin panel that contains all essential features, and a knowledgeable resource for learning purposes.

Available Features:

  • Customer Login/Register
  • Admin Panel
  • Add-To-Cart system
  • Product categories
  • Product filter system
  • Payment system
  • Manage admin
  • View customer’s order details
  • Manage product for website
  • List brand names and categories
  • List customer’s details
Project Name:Ecommerce Site with Admin Panel
Language/s Used:PHP, JavaScript
PHP version (Recommended):5.6.3
Type:Website, Web Application
Developer:Rizwan Khan
Ecommerce Site in PHP – Project Information
Working Project Demo

Instructions: How to Run?

  • After you finish downloading the project, unzip the project file and head over to your XAMPP directory.
  • There you’ll find a folder naming “htdocs”.
  • Inside the “htdocs” folder, paste the project folder (not the .zip one, but the extracted one).
  • Open your favorite browser; we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Then, go to URL “http://localhost/phpmyadmin“.
  • Create a Database with a name that is provided inside the “01 LOGIN DETAILS & PROJECT INFO.txt”.
  • Click on the “Import” tab and choose the database file (.sql) which is provided under the folder naming “DATABASE FILE”.
  • After setting up all these, go to URL “http://localhost/[ ENTER_PROJECT_FOLDER_NAME_HERE ]
  • All the login details are provided inside the project folder, check that out and enter in order to use it.

And there you have it, a full setup of an Online Ecommerce Site Project in PHP MySQL. For this particular PHP project, PHP Version 5.6.3 is required because the project does not operate well with the latest PHP version. So, users with the latest PHP version (greater than 7.4.12) might face various errors while operating it. As a result, you’ll need to downgrade your PHP version (only if you’re using the latest version) at the moment. Download Free eCommerce System Project in PHP MySQL with Source Code. So, this ecommerce app is a quick advanced PHP project for all the beginners as well as intermediate levels that broads vast knowledge into such websites, web applications. In conclusion, this whole PHP project with free source code is an absolute project and a meaningful way for the users to learn and explore more onto it.

Free Download Ecommerce Site Project in PHP with Source Code:
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Note: Only for Educational Purpose


  1. Мне нужна помощь, поскольку пишет вот такую ошибку:
    Connection failed: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

    1. это означает, что вам нужно изменить файл конфигурации проекта, зайти в “constants.php” и ввести свои собственные учетные данные localhost

  2. Not gonna lie, this is an improve version than that of Rizwan. I tried to use this original work online via Cpanel, but it never worked, maybe of some path problems, database connection problems, or somethings like that. His version also have some deprecated code blocks included so I had hard time reading the codes and changing them to updated versions. I hope your version will work online. If it does, this is going to be a huge help for the development of the website.

  3. I’m super new to this field, I see you use ‘cid’ attribute and some other more to assign data to html tag by php and then pulls those data by JS. Are those attributes custom? I post this question on Stackoverflow and the only answer I got was they were custom. Really want to know how it work

    1. Yes. Well, we’re not the developers of this project, but can assure you that these attributes are used in order to filter the categories and other stuff for displaying under the client-side areas.

  4. I just tried this project seems cool I like the project so clean .
    I wanted to know where in the code did you use encryption of admin password ? ie( you guys used hash) and user password is also encrypted using MD5 encryption ( so I wanted to know where you mentioned this in your code) thanks

  5. I’m not able to delete user from admin. and when i add new product it didn’t have a message like when i change product desc. And i also want to create a detail page using desc of the product what should i do??

    1. and i see in the database of products you’ve add the qty but when i go to the checkout page i’m still able to choose the qty more than the qty of product in the databases can you pls tell me how to fix this

      1. there’s no error when i’m click in delete admin. And can you tell me what’s the is_active table use to do please.

  6. By clicking PayPal checkout and entering password 1234 0r the password we created for user registration account after that it’s not showing your order has been successfully placed?
    What should I do get page for successful order placed?

  7. after a successful payment it is not redirecting to payment_success.php and is not saving anything to order table in the database.

  8. This is where the thing stop

    You paid $30.00 USD
    to Test Store
    1 x SHOP$30.00 USD
    Item #: 1
    Subtotal$30.00 USD
    Shipping$0.00 USD
    Insurance$0.00 USD
    Handling$0.00 USD
    Discount$0.00 USD
    Total$30.00 USD
    Get PayPal Notifications in Messenger

    Paid with
    Visa x-1675$30.00 USD
    This transaction will appear on your statement as PAYPAL *TEST STORE
    Shipped to
    John Doe
    1 Main St
    San Jose, CA 95131
    United States
    Purchase details
    Receipt number: 55L88404S27089642
    We’ll send confirmation to:
    [email protected]
    Merchant details
    Test Store

  9. it redirect to payment_success.php after successful payment but the payment_success.php is showing a blank page

  10. For me, the total price disappears after I click on the save hook – is that normal?
    Thanks for your help and time

    1. Simply reload the page after clicking the “Add Product” button. You’ll get your results there! It’s just that the system does not show any success/warning message while adding products.

  11. Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1049): Unknown database ‘ecommerceapp’ in C:\xampp\htdocs\Ecommerce-app-h\db.php on line 11
    Connection failed: Unknown database ‘ecommerceapp’
    how to solve this problem help me!!!…

    1. This means you haven’t created a database naming “ecommerceapp”. Each project requires a database connection, also we’ve provided the database file for that. Create a database with the name provided on the text file, import the database, and run it!

  12. why is it having problem with the appearing..i did everything as said and still its not working in my localhost

    1. Simply reload the page after clicking the “Add Product” button. You’ll get your results there! It’s just that the system does not show any success/warning message while adding products.

  13. paypal not working, can I at least make a local paying system just to have my orders registered in the order table.

  14. After adding the product to the cart, I choose the debit card method. Do I have to enter my original card details?

  15. You have no idea how this template will save my azz after countless failures attemps of making cart systems.

      1. I just want to remove the paypal checkout and replace to another function button. But I’m not really familiar to it

  16. Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: ” for column ‘cust_b_ country’ at row 1……………………

    i get this error while trying to register a user,any solution to this ?

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